How to Build a Fire Table with Granite. Quick & Easy DIY

How to Build Your Fire Pit Table

Before you get started, select a desirable and safe location for your firepit away from buildings, tree branches, and/or a wooden gazebo or pergola, and then proceed with the following steps.

Fire Pit Table

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Clean granite pieces with water and a nylon brush, if necessary.

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Lay the first row of pieces around a gas feed and away from buildings, tree branches, and/or a wooden gazebo or pergola. Ensure to install this row on a level surface.

first row gas line 2
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Dry-stack or adhere the remaining granite pieces by staggering the joints.

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For the second row, replace two full granite pieces with the half-sized ones to create ventilation gaps on opposite sides of the fire table.

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Cut and secure wire mesh to the inside wall of these gaps so rodents don’t make your fire table home.

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Check for vertical plumb. If leveling is needed, apply a teaspoon of sand with exterior grade silicone, PL 620 Granite/Marble, or PL Premium Constructive Adhesive between rows.

row two gaps 1
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Determine the control panel location, preferably selecting the least visible side of the fire table.

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Omit the granite pieces by using those numbered to create space for the control panel. Drill four holes into the exterior granite base in order to screw and, adhere, if necessary, the cover plate.

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Attach the sparker and control valve to the plate. Ask a certified Gas Technician to connect the flex hose to the valve as per the gas burner instructions.

control panel 2
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Ensure the assembled base is level and plumb. Have two people lift the solid granite top into place. Dry-stack or add adhesive to secure the top to the base.

table top insert 1
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Ask a certified Gas Technician to connect the burner pan to the supply line. Add glass beads or lava rocks.

final 2

Shapes & Pieces per Row

Round 42 & 48

10 pieces per row

Round 55

13 pieces per row

Square 52

16 pieces per row

Rectangle 60

14 pieces per row

Read Safety Document

Download PDF Instructions

Burner Installation

Propane to Natural Gas Conversion