How to Build a Fire Pit or Fire Table ׀ Realstone's Assembly Guidelines
Fire Pit Assembly

Fire Pit Assembly

Assembly, really, is easy. Although you can use mortar, glue, or cement to secure the solid granite pieces together, you have the option of ‘dry-stacking’ the pieces of granite. What does this mean? When dry-stacking, you don’t need any sort of adhesive.

Regardless whether you get a fire pit or table, all you do is stack the granite pieces in brick-formation by staggering the joints. Is this safe? Yes! The weight of the granite will keep your unit in place. Plus, by dry-stacking your unit, you can move it from one location to another. So, say you plan to move to another part of town. Well, you can bring your Realstone pit with you to your new home. Or, say you decide to redesign your backyard landscaping. Well, you can easily dismantle your fire pit or table and relocate it to another spot in the yard. Dry-stacking, really, is the way to go!

When assembling your fire pit or table, follow the step-by-step instructions and videos. If you still have questions when it comes to assembling your fire pit or table, you’re welcome to contact us. We would be happy to ensure that you are relaxing by the fire as soon as possible.

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