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Granite Fire Pit Builder

Design Your Fire Pit or Fire Table with Granite

1. Plan

  • Locate where you'll be placing a stone fire pit in your outdoor space.
  • Determine the fuel type: wood, propane or gas
  • Think of how you'll use your stone fire pit. Will you entertain friends, grill food, and roast marshmallows?

2. Build Online

  • Visit our online Firepit Builder
  • Design and build your DIY fire pit kit while playing with all the options
  • Call or email us if you have questions. We’re happy to help you create your custom stone fire pit for your backyard retreat.

3. Order

  • Order your DIY fire pit either by calling us or placing an order online
  • Wait 3 to 4 weeks for your stone fire pit to arrive at your curb

4. Assemble

  • Assemble your DIY fire pit or fire table
  • Review our online assembly guidelines and videos
  • Create your comfortable fire pit seating area on your backyard patio or deck

5. Enjoy

  • Invite your family and friends for a backyard burn around your stone fire pit.
  • Send us some photos of your fire pit. It’s great seeing our granite fire pits and fire tables in their rightful homes.

Is Granite Good for Outdoor Fire Pits?

Absolutely! Granite is the perfect choice for your outdoor fire pit because it boasts not only beauty, but also durability. Some people think that granite is only for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. Realstone challenges this view.

We showcase the quality, beauty and strength of granite with our outdoor fire pits and fire pit tables.

While looking for fire pit ideas, you’ve likely come across wood, gas, and propane fire pits and fire tables made from cinder block, copper, river rock, ceramic, concrete, aluminum and, even, plastic. Granite, is far better than all these options.

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Granite is the best natural stone for your outdoor fire pits.

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Granite won’t rust or discolour when exposed to rain or snow. Its beauty is a result of being exposed to the elements for millions of years.

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Granite won’t show wear and tear. It will stand the test of time and look as good for you next fire pit season as it does today.

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Granite won’t require elbow-grease. This natural rock is virtually maintenance free.

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Granite won’t absorb water. So, it won’t crack or, even, explode when exposed to high temperatures.

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Granite won’t radiate heat because it stays cool to the touch. So, there’s no fear of children getting burnt from a sizzling surface.

“Can I use granite to build a stone fire pit?”


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