How to Build a Wood Fire Pit with Granite! Quick & Easy DIY

How to Build Your Wood Fire Pit

Before you get started, select a desirable and safe location for your firepit away from buildings, tree branches, and/or a wooden gazebo or pergola and then proceed with the following steps.

Wood Fire Pit

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Wash granite pieces with water and a nylon brush. If you didn’t purchase top caps, select and set aside the most desirable pieces for the top row of your firepit.

wash bricks
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Mark the circumference of your firepit with landscaping spray paint or a garden hose.

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Remove sod and stones. Dig a 3” deep hole and make the ground level.

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Fill the firepit hole with A-gravel, tamp down, and level the base.

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Place the steel insert, if you purchased one, flange side up, centered on the gravel base.

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Lay the first row of granite pieces around the insert.

insert first row
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Stack the remaining pieces by staggering the joints. If you didn’t buy an insert, or want greater stability, add high-heat adhesive between the rows. Follow the manufacture’s drying time.

top cap
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Enjoy! You are, now, ready to light a fire and make some marshmallow memories with your family and friends.

full assembly

Shapes & Pieces per Row

Round 35

10 pieces per row

Round 48

13 pieces per row

Square 35

12 pieces per row

Square 45

16 pieces per row

Read Safety Document

Download PDF Instructions

Fire Pit Assembly